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(Archive) Between No-Longer and Not-Yet

This project was part of DDW 2021
Jet & Pieke Bergmans — © Ruud Balk

We know we need a radical change, but how? Between No-Longer and Not-yet, is a place, moment, or movement in which imagining can take place. Via design Kazerne calls to make sense of the potential of this in-between phase and to dream, to let us wonder and get inspired by hopeful new perspectives.

Adaptism, Pieke Bergmans, Rosana Escobar, Jas&Cal, Shaakira Jassat, Erco Lai, Geke Lensink, Sho Ota, Giulia Pompilj, Jesse Visser, Satomi Minoshima & Pauline Agustoni

Between No-Longer and Not-Yet

There is no blueprint to redesign our natural cultural world in a more humane and sustainable way. And because of the entanglement of all people, animals, plants and objects, the task is extremely complex. We know we need a radical change, but how? The task seems too big. Can we still rely on existing knowledge, let alone predict whether our actions will be the right ones? This question leads us to the phase between no- longer and not-yet. A place, a moment, or a movement in which imagining can take place.

Because, despite all the uncertainties, we are full of hope. During the global lockdown, it turned out that less flying indeed has an impact. And our attitudes towards plastic, meat, racism, and gender have undergone such changes in such a short time. This makes it clear that, together, many tiny steps can have a huge impact. This is why we call to admit that we are at a loss at the moment, and to make sense of the Between No-Longer and Not-Yet potential of imagination. Let us cherish the uncertainty and assume the responsibility to create hopeful examples of new perspectives together, from all domains. Designers, educators, governments, businesses, scientists, everyone.

Inspiration for hopeful new perspectives

In this intermediate phase, we call for examples to be created together, from different domains, based on entanglement. With attention and care for the entire chain, from raw materials to circular recycling, from ancient indigenous wisdom to artificial speculation. Examples that inspire rigorous striving to do things in an entirely new way. So that we can be catapulted towards a more humane and sustainable world for everyone and everything.

Let us research, experiment, and speculate about how we can learn to look at things in other ways, with unexpected others and from other perspectives. Making attempts that are allowed fail. Doing a bit more, or just a bit less. Or perhaps even nothing at all. Then we dream, we wonder and let ourselves be inspired. Through the work of over 40 starting and established designers, Kazerne calls on us to use the potential of Between No-Longer and Not-Yet meaningfully and get inspired by optimistic new perspectives.

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