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(Archive) PIZZycle

the first reusable and closable pizza box

This project was part of DDW 2021
PIZZycle - Stacked

PIZZycle is a reusable pizza box. It is composed of two identical, round plates, following the outline of a pizza. Through its distinct shape, PIZZycle can be carried easily, cleaned in the dishwasher and stored efficiently. It can be used several hundred times and later recycled into new products.

The problem with single-use cardboard pizza boxes

In contrast, common cardboard boxes are NOT recyclable, as the food residue is inseparable from the material and would harm the paper recycling machines. When disposed of correctly they end up burned or in landfill. Not only do cardboard boxes generate tremendous amounts of waste, they also expend plenty of resources and energy, time after time.

PIZZycle - Top view with Pizza

PIZZycle - Flying

PIZZycle - Drawing with Pizza

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Andere deelnemers

Green Future Club