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The Embassy of Water

2050: Choose what you use

Are you open to other water sources and what would you use them for?

Discussion during presentation — © Studio Corvers

Do we realize how much water we use every day? In collaboration with the province of Noord-Brabant, Studio Corvers developed an interactive installation to discover whether the Dutch are open to alternative water sources such as rainwater or recycled water.

Can you save drinking water?

With the physical presence of 120 liters clean tap water, Studio Corvers provides insight in our daily water usage. It's a lot of water, especially considering we only use 5% for human intake, like drinking or cooking. By presenting an interactive installation, Studio Corvers tries to discover how open we are to the idea of using alternative water sources, like rainwater and locally purified water indoors. This project is a collaboration with the province of Noord-Brabant for the Embassy of Water.

About Studio Corvers

Design research is the signature of Studio Corvers. Challenges in society inspire the experiments and innovative projects. Repeating themes in the projects are inclusive design, innovative sustainability and social interaction.

The spatial diagram — © Studio Corvers

The spatial diagram — © Studio Corvers

Bottles with different water qualities — © Studio Corvers

Documentation after interaction