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Design’ with others.

Practice based and theory building, we explore content. Onomatopee, in collaboration with partners ranging from Design Academy Eindhoven to the Design Biennale Istanbul, presents exhibitions, lectures, readings, exclusive book sale and more, exploring how others can stimulate future perspectives.

Exploring how others can stimulate future perspectives: practice based and theory building.

Processing in productive engagement with one another, aware and skilled, is our challenge. Onomatopee presents projects consisting of public program and publications, both self-initiated and furthering the initiative of others. This year we modestly host a range of engaged voices we work with. What ties all of these voices together, is their engagement towards others, and their empathy in allowing tolerance over signatures. We are happy to introduce a few of these projects and some involved players.

Expanded Fashion Practicioners and Embedded Design

Introducing dialogues between theory and practice to support expanded ways of thinking, being and doing fashion. Onomatopee 148.3, Modus Hosts kicks off during Design Week 2021, with the first in a year-long series of small shows of ‘expanded fashion practitioners’: Daniel and Siralee Caufield-Sriklad.

Analysing the preconditions and tools that are needed to facilitate a successful and enduring collaboration between designers and local communities, Onomatopee 205, A Place to Stay, practicing embedded design, asks how embedded design can be relevant. On show are published reflections to practices made during a long term engagement by the DAE at recent claimed World Heritage site Veenhuizen, alongside the theorizing of what embedded design brings.

Empathy Revisited, design for more than one

Produced over times of Covid and other serious societal changes, Onomatopee 209, Empathy Revisited, Designs for more than one, looks back upon the 2021 Istanbul Design Biennale wherein designers adopted sensitive, diplomatic, sometimes therapeutic functions, with the aim of connecting us with one another but also with the world around us, with other species, with soil, water and even the universe. How can we engage with care and empathy, as makers, as citizens, as people?


About Onomatopee Projects

Onomatopee Projects (founded and directed by Freek Lomme since 2006) is a curating and editorially led public gallery and publisher that is particularly known for their self-initiated and transdisciplinary projects. Furthermore, Onomatopee also hosts the projects of progressive individuals as well as artist-run and institutional organisations.
Canal area, Onomatopee, Lucas Gasselstraat 2a , Map No. F7
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