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DDW Talks: Future Cities

Can city densification be pleasant?

Jeroen van der Wielen

Cities face enormous challenges: The energy transition, climate adaptation and, the enormous challenge to build houses for growing populations. As more and more people live in cities, we consider how architecture and landscape design can be adapted to their needs.

A pleasant densification requires imaginations and vision from designers and architects.

In city planning, the emphasis is traditionally on 'building additional houses' by increasing the housing stock on the outskirts of the cities. But there is still plenty of space in the city. Experts claim that, if the existing residential areas in the Netherlands are densified by 10-15%, one million homes can be built. The absorption capacity of existing cities for additional housing is enormous.

In addition, densification offers opportunities to link the challenge of housing to other major spatial challenges. With the reality of climate change, sustainable urbanization is the real challenge here. Residential areas must not only offer living comfort but must also be nature-inclusive, circular and climate-proof.

All things considered, the solution is not to build more houses, but designing more lively, meaningful, and affordable spaces into the resilient urban fabric. The design of these kinds of places requires imagination and vision from designers and architects. Let's talk about how we work towards a pleasant densification?

• Don Murphy | Founder of VMX Architects
• Bas Horsting | Design director urban planning and architecture and healthy urban living at Sweco
• Georg Vrachliotis | TU Delft
• Bas van Dam | Owner and CEO of Being Development

• Christele Harrouk | Managing Editor at ArchDaily

09:30 | Doors open at Fifth, The Stage (NRE Terrein, Gasfabriek 5, Eindhoven)
10:00 | Start DDW Talks
13:00 | Start light lunch at Fifth
14:00 | End programme

Good to know:
- The DDW Talks include coffee and tea during the break and a light lunch
- The programme will be spoken in English
- Upon entry, you need to show your 'Coronavirus Entry Pass'/'Coronatoegangsbewijs' + ID

About the partners

• Programme Partner: Architectuurcentrum Eindhoven
Architectuurcentrum Eindhoven stimulates and inspires the debate about architecture, urban development and landscape in Eindhoven and its surroundings. They do this by organizing lectures, city debates, film presentations, exhibitions, workshops, and the launch of study assignments.

• Media Partner: ArchDaily
ArchDaily is a weblog covering architectural news, projects, products, events, interviews and competitions, opinion pieces, among others, catering to architects, designers and other interested parties.

• Business Partner: Being Development
Being Development is an ambitious company developing sustainable real estate based on an end-user perspective while respecting the (natural) environment. Their goal is to create sustainable values in real estate. Being aims to elevate the quality of life and to create a socially inclusive and sustainable society.

About DDW Talks & Routes

During DDW Talks we investigate the many facets of design through eight different themes:

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Tue 19 Oct | DDW Talks: Connected Living
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To all Talks a route through Eindhoven is connected too! Check it out:
Canal area, Fifth, NRE Terrein | Gasfabriek 5
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