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stone in process — © Ronald Smits

Looking to update the grounds of the city with innovative designs, the Municipality of Eindhoven commissioned envisions to research and create new pavement ideas for use within the city centre. Envisions dived into the design process of stones and tried to uncover hidden potential and possibilities.

stone in process

The envisionaires experimented with the material, structure, pattern and colour possibilities of stones, developing an impressive collection of unique samples with a wide range of possible applications.

As a second chapter to the > stone in process < story, envisions collaborated with concrete manufacturer Morssinkhof to further rethink the typical style of making pavements. The designers visited Morssinkhof’s factory, where they altered their initial design ideas on an industrial level, experimenting with the machinery to expose new design directions.

For example, manipulating the machines which usually wash out a batch of stones, the designers uncovered a technique that uses water pressure to create patterns in the stone’s surface. Experimentations with variations in intensities and directions of water jets in the surfaces have been made, resulting in a seemingly spontaneous stone that recalls the uneven moorland found close to the city as a typical surrounding.

About Envisions Design Lab

Envisions is a designlab, uniting over 20 multidisciplinary designers with a shared fascination for experimental research.