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Cabinet of Collaborations - @Fuutlaan Hall


Virtual Runway

As an digital consultant and a creative studio we collaborate with established brands and explore the possibilities and purposes that digital fashion can have, while bridging the gap between physical and virtual.

Digital tactility

We wanted to show the endless possibilities of digital runways without losing the feeling that physical fashion can give you. A runway experience is, in our opinion, mostly created by how the garments move around the body, the structure and details that make you almost want to touch them.


By combining iconic adidas pieces with our own outfits, we hope that there will be a cross-pollination that makes the outfits innovative yet accessible to a wide audience.

About Studio PMS Puck, Merle en Suzanne

Studio PMS is a design collective specialized in fashion in a digital realm. We strive for a more sustainable & innovative industry through interdisciplinary projects and collaborations using 3D modeling, virtual reality, animations and augmented reality.