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Cabinet of Collaborations - @Fuutlaan Hall

(Archive) Pi Lab: Adaptable Auxetics — by Fillip Studios

An invitation for innovation: exploring randomly generated auxetics to create Objects with Agency

This project was part of DDW 2021
Randomly generated auxetic structure by TU/e — © TU Eindhoven — Soft Matter and Biological Physics

In Adaptable Auxetics, Pi Lab seeks to apply randomly generated auxetic structures in Objects with Agency — objects that can adapt themselves to their environment. Pi Lab is on the lookout for parties that are interested in co-exploring potential applications in healthcare and architecture.

Auxetics and Objects with Agency

Where most materials shrink in one direction when stretched in the other direction (a positive ‘Poisson’s ratio’), auxetic materials and structures have the unique characteristic of expanding in both directions at the same time (a negative Poisson’s ratio). Think of a simple elastic band: we all know that when we stretch it, it becomes thinner. If the elastic band would have been auxetic, it would become thicker upon stretching.

This characteristic makes auxetic materials and structures very promising for all kinds of innovative applications. Many versatile objects — even buildings — could be downsized, enlarged and reshaped according to the user’s needs. The object would be able to adapt itself to its environment and changing circumstances. Adaptable Auxetics is a subproject of Objects with Agency, in which Pi Lab explores the possibilities of the physical world to be responsive and adaptable.

Partners in Adaptable Auxetics:
TU/e - Soft Matter and Biological Physics
TU Delft - Biomaterials & Tissue Biomechanics
UMCU - Materials design and processing of the Department of Orthopedics

A collaborative exhibition (and open call!)

At Cabinet of Collaborations, Pi Lab presents Adaptable Auxetics — an exploration of the beautiful characteristics of randomly generated auxetic structures and its application in health care. The basis for the structure is developed by the team of Soft Matter and Biological Physics from Eindhoven University of Technology, who coded an algorithm that randomly generates auxetic patterns. Pi Lab actively investigates the potential applications of these patterns in different fields. Starting towards the end of 2021, the Adaptable Auxetics research group will work on applying randomly generated auxetics in medical stents, making them more durable and able to adapt to a unique person's body.

The exhibition at Cabinet of Collaborations is also an open call: Pi Lab believes that auxetic structures and the ability to create Objects with Agency can have great potential in the fields of architecture and spatial design. Therefore, Pi Lab is looking for partners that are interested in jointly researching this further. Curious? Visit our exhibition at Cabinet of Collaborations to meet us personally, or contact us via

About Pi Lab and Fillip Studios

Pi Lab was founded in 2020 by Fillip Studios, an art & design studio with the mission to create impact through wonder. With Pi Lab, Fillip Studios bridges the gap between design, science and technology — artists, scientists and engineers jointly research the new creative and innovative possibilities within mathematics and physics. In the coming years, this research will lead to new works of art, new scientific knowledge and innovative applications. Other projects by Pi Lab include Programmable Inflatables, which explores the possibilities of inflating 3D prints.

Fillip Studios is founded by designer Roos Meerman and artist Tom Kortbeek, who develop artistic concepts and design research with the mission to turn wonder into impact — because all progress starts with wonder. Fillip Studios loves to coöperate with universities, institutions, museums and commercial companies. One of these collaborative projects is currently on display at DDW’s embassy It’s In Our Nature: Maacq Oase, in collaboration with bio-based design studio Omlab.

Partners in Pi Lab:
University of Technology Eindhoven
Fontys Hogeschool Engineering
Sioux Technologies
BASF Forward AM

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Andere deelnemers

Cabinet of Collaborations - @Fuutlaan Hall

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Andere deelnemers

Cabinet of Collaborations - @Fuutlaan Hall