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(Archive) Dear Fast Fashion

This project was part of DDW 2021
Asja Radakovic

A political approach against the pollution of fast fashion industries. We are all familiar with the unethical ways these industries are functioning. Therefore I like to imagine this work as a total opposite of what we know about fast fashion.

Narrowing the gap between fashion and nature. Political reaction to polluting fast fashion.

In her work, fashion and nature can coexist. The living plants complement the dress. In return, the dress shows a high value for nature. The dress is not a form of environmental destruction, but offers space for nature to grow beautifully and healthily.
Plants are usually framed as an organic form, but in this case, plants are also a form of materiality. This shifts the function of plants and looks at how nature can be used instead of leaving it for what it is.
The work questions the relationship between fashion and nature. Who really causes damage to our environment? Is it the industry or the consumer? And what about our future if we don't act fast enough? The work shows that there is a demand for change in material choice and therefore offers an alternative by closing the gap between fashion and nature.

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Art Tech Fun Robots eGirls Manifestations

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