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(Archive) BioArt Laboratories - Klokgebouw Satellite

'The Symbiocene Forest 2021'

This project was part of DDW 2021
The Symbiocene Forest — © BioArt Laboratories

BioArt Laboratories proudly presents these incredible change makers! Come and take a look at their work which inspire you to think differently on interconnectedness of the world!

The Symbiocene Forest 2021

BioArt Laboratories presents her exhibition 'The Symbiocene Forest 2021'! The exhibition shows artistic research and projects of talented artists and designers that explore the Symbiocene. Together we delve into their work that explore a world where human action, art, culture and entrepreneurship are mutually dependent on- and benefit the health of all ecosystems. This relevant satellite redirects you to the main expo @BioArt Laboratories.