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(Archive) Theatrale Talkshow De Leken met o.a. Floris Alkemade

How buildings affect our lives

This project was part of DDW 2021
De Leken — © © Vormgever campagnebeeld: Willem Popelier

On October 20 - in the middle of the Dutch Design Week - the ambassador of the festival will join De Leken in Het Parktheater. Former Government Architect and Summer Guest Floris Alkemade, led by theater maker Oscar Kocken, shines his inspiring light on the future of our living environment.


The Eindhoven experience architect Renée Scheepers, the Eindhoven city poet & singer-songwriter Iris Penning, cellist Mirthe de Jonge and Abbot Bernardus of the Koningshoeve monastery also share their visions, in order to create a new design in a program full of interviews, music, poetry and sermons. of our future.

Year of the Brabant Monastery Life

De Leken is a program in the context of the Year of the Brabant Monastery Life, in which philosophers, scientists, artists, musicians, poets, activists, idealists, thinkers, doers and monks together search for new answers to the question of how we live our lives today in 2021 and how we would like to face the future.


Floris Alkemade

Floris Alkemade (Sint-Oedenrode 1961) is an architect and will retire this summer after six years as Chief Government Architect. In that role he supervised the major renovation of Huis ten Bosch, the residential palace of King Willem-Alexander, but he mainly gave solicited and unsolicited advice in the field of architecture, urban planning and landscape. On behalf of the Board of Government Advisors, he published Panorama Nederland, a future perspective for the design of the Netherlands, with the main themes being water, farmland, urbanization and sustainable energy. His essay The future of the Netherlands: the art of changing direction was published during the corona crisis. Floris Alkemade has been appointed ambassador of the Dutch Design Week 2021, which this year will take place from 16 to 24 October.