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Zeefier : natural dyes made from seaweed

Natural dyes made from seaweed.

Bladderwrack_dye — © Lizzy Zaanen

Seaweed doesn’t need precious agricultural ground or freshwater to grow. It even cleans the air from CO2 and produces oxygen. Since the textile industry is the second most polluting industry worldwide, drastic change is needed. Zeefier's natural seaweed dyes contribute to this change.

Zeefier wants to color the world in a responsible way.

Designer Nienke Hoogvliet started her seaweed research on sustainable alternatives for the textile industry in 2014. Ever since she has been working on projects like SEA ME and the SEA ME Collection to prove the potential of seaweed dyes. After years of research on a small scale, she joined forces with Anne Boermans to upscale these processes and establish Zeefier.

Zeefier creates natural dyes for textiles based on 100% seaweed and its waste streams. They are upscaling their processes to make them available for the entire industry, with the aim to use as many seaweed waste streams and replace as many synthetic dyes as possible.

About Zeefier Zeefier

Zeefier creates natural dyes from seaweed.

Zeefier < Zee (Sea) – Fier (Proud) < Ζέφυρος [Zéphyros]

The purpose of Zeefier is to show the textile industry seaweed is a viable resource for natural dyes and a great replacement for harmful synthetic dyes.
Bladderwrack_dye_close-up — © Lizzy Zaanen