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The Embassy of Water

Wijk met Water & CPO Buitengewoon

A water-friendly neighborhood in Helmond ensures climate adaptation

BSD circular water system concept

In the Helmond district of Brandevoort, the smartest district in the Netherlands is emerging. In Brainport Smart District (BSD) many partners collect the latest insights and techniques on topics such as mobility, energy, water and circularity.

District with Water

In the sustainable district, a circular, climate-adaptive water system that is resistant to drought, heat and extreme precipitation is being designed together with the water chain partners. The future 2000 households and companies will benefit from this.

Let’s take a fresh look at the entire water cycle of the district: from rainwater and drinking water, via water use, to purification and reuse or return to the environment. How do you make sensible use of groundwater, rainwater and drinking water? How do you locally purify the dirty water? And how do we prepare for a future with more drought, heat and flooding?

The core of all designs in this smart, circular water system revolves around the health of future residents and the environment.

CPO Buitengewoon

Within Brainport Smart District, a group of enthousiasts started a CPO project in 2018 under the name Buitengewoon.
Together they are developing an apartment building with 15 life-cycle homes, which will be built in a circular and at least energy-neutral way, with a focus on community, spirit and health.

To limit the use of drinking water as much as possible, the apartments are equipped with a Hydraloop, a system that treats gray water from the shower and makes it suitable for toilet flushing and washing machine. This way, a drinking water saving of approximately 45 % is achieved. In addition, water is collected on the green roof and with a Smart Flow Control system is retained on the roof or drained as needed, for example to spray the garden or as a backup for the Hydraloop. The Smart Flow Control can also free up space on the roof in the event of an approaching rain shower by draining water, for example to a bioswale. The green roof is combined with the installation of the necessary solar panels.

The outdoor space around the building is suitable for absorbing a rain shower of 150 mm without damage.

About Brainport Smart District

Brainport Smart District is a smart city district in the city of Helmond. It’s located in the high-tech innovative region ‘Brainport’. The latest insights and techniques about participation, health, data, mobility, energy and circularity are used to create a sustainable and beautiful environment.
Buitengewoon VO — © MAG Architecten