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The Greater Number Sessions #3: It’s in our Nature

A talk about the relationship between humans and nature, and how to design and collaborate with living organisms

Designers are working with nature to establish sustainable alternatives and bio-based solutions. Yet what is it like to design and collaborate using living organisms? How do we establish an ethical and balanced collaboration?

It’s our Nature Session

Since prehistoric times, humankind has worked with nature on everything. We grow our food, build our houses, extract materials for our products and energy. Over the centuries, we humans have come to increasingly control and dominate nature. Treating her as a factory that can be managed, adjusted and conditioned to our needs. Can we design to be one with nature again?

Now the world is in need of sustainable alternatives, more and more designers turn to scientist and the industry for expertise and guidance. Together they work on bio-based alternatives and enhancing natural processes to recover disturbances in nature.

It's in our Nature is about rediscovering how we are one with nature. How does this translate in collaborations with nature and living organisms? What ethics are in play? What skill-set is required and how do we achieve a balanced collaboration?


Daniëlle Ooms - master graduate Industrial Design
Bahar Barati - researcher and university teacher at Eindhoven University of Technology
Mark Wang - DAE alumni
Josephine de Fijter - DAE master graduate

Moderated by Marleen van Bergeijk, curator It’s in our Nature

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