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LUNA table lamp

LUNA — © Lionne van Deursen

The collection LUNA is a follow-up of the material research project BIOTIC. In this project microbes are used to grow a biological material which is made of bacterial cellulose. During the growing process nuances arise in the material which influence the translucency of the dried material.


Table lamp LUNA is designed from the properties of a biologically grown material, that is produced by Studio Lionne van Deursen. Microbes are used to grow this biological material, which is made of bacterial cellulose. Bacterial cellulose is made using yeast and bacteria in a fermentation process. The bacteria are feed by a sweetened tea. During this process bacteria spin nano fibers of cellulose and produce a layer on the surface. When this layer has dried, it becomes a solid material that has comparable properties to leather. During the growing process nuances arise in the material, which makes each lamp unique.

About Lionne van Deursen

Studio Lionne van Deursen is a material research and product design studio. The studio focuses on experimental research to give insight in the possibilities of new materials. In the studio an organically grown material is produced, and each product is handmade.
LUNA table lamp — © Lionne van Deursen
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