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Addéra — © Felicia Arvid

Addéra is a modular sofa design with emphasis on sustainable product longevity. The base creates a static frame system for the variable interchangeable upholstery parts and accessories which can all be updated with the newest sustainable materials or single items can be replaced if damaged.

Long-lasting but renewable.

The concept can be described using a ‘tech’ analogy by dividing the furniture in two segments: ”hardware” and ”software”.
The ”hardware” is the static elements of the furniture; legs and frame. Those are the long-lasting elements which gives the furniture a sustainable longevity while creating the base for the variable ”software” elements.
The ”software” is the interchangeable elements; upholstery (seat, backrest, armrest) and tables.
This is where the interaction with the user happens by the numerous configurations the ”software”
elements can be arranged in, to accomodate various environments; e.g. a daybed or sofa in the
private home, a tête à tête sofa in the office or bench with tables in the lounge area.
The interchangeable ”software” elements is where the user can update the furniture with new
upholstery materials and colours. Furthermore, it makes it possible to replace a single damaged item without having to replace the whole furniture.
The furniture can always be updated with the newest sustainable materials and adapt to new surroundings according to the latest trends, by maintaining the ”hardware” and exchange the ”software”.

New 'hack' on Addéra

The concept behind the new ‘hack’ on Addéra is exchanging some of the upholstery parts with rolls of postconsumer recycled polyester fabric by Gabriel, giving the design a new sustainable alternative to the traditional upholstery with foam.

About Felicia Arvid

Felicia Arvid Jaeger, dressmaker and architect, works with her brother, automotive designer,
Jonathan and together they form the creative team behind the Danish design studio Felicia Arvid.
The design studio explore new ways of using materials and develop designs which questions our lifestyle.

Addéra — © Felicia Arvid

Addéra — © Felicia Arvid

Addéra — © Felicia Arvid

Addéra with new 'hack'

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