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(Archive) Cooloo Circular Lounge

Sit back, relax and comfortably enjoy high-end design for the circular economy!

This project was part of DDW 2021
Cooloo Emotion CoolCork and CoolLeather lounge — © Will Falize

We are in a climate and material crisis, the good news is that companies like Cooloo are standing up to develop the technologies of the future. Cooloo develops sustainable solutions to create high-end design with a unique e and high-quality application of waste materials like cork, denim and leather

Mother and Son by Meneer Voss.

As a child, Meneer Voss would spend hours with his mother searching for the perfect rock on the waste sites of the Carrara mines in Italy. This inherent fascination with Carrara allows him to explore all the various possibilities of this wonderful material. From the Pantheon to Michelangelo’s David, Carrara marble’s history is rooted in European art and architecture. By using the latest circular technologies in his ‘Mother & Son’-design Meneer Voss brings Carrara marble and specifically Statuario marble into the 21st century.

In his distinctive design and materials, Meneer Voss and Cooloo showcase the versatility of the stone. Transforming his mother’s Carrara statues into life-size artworks, that appear to be solid, but are actually so soft that they can be used as sculptural sun loungers. The duo of contemporary objects fools the beholder and leaves you with a sense of wonder.

Cooloo Circular Lounge

Tired of walking all around the city of Eindhoven? Need to have a good design talk with somebody you met? Come to the Pennings Foundation and take a seat on one of the circular design lounge pieces by Cooloo. Stylish and super comfortable!

These modular sofas are made to last and finished with a coating made from recycled wine corks and leather waste. Easy to sustainably repair, maintain and refurbish using recycled materials. Totally suitable for the circular economy.

As part of this lounge, you can also find the Ameba design chair. A stylish organic design by Hugo de Ruiter. During Dutch Design Week 2020, the Ameba won recognition for Good Industrial Design.

Within the concept of 'less is more', this product consists of only 3 materials. The finish is made from leather waste from the Dutch leather industry and also available in recycled wine corks or recycled jeans. A seamless product suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The armchair has a wonderful comfort and very good stability, without using a frame in the product.

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Mother and Son by Meneer Voss — © Nik Snellaars

Cooloo refurbishment expo @ Salone del Mobi — © Nicole Marnati

Cooloo Emotion CoolCork lounge — © Bart Daemen

Studio Detail - Rocking Chair

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Only Good News