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Only Good News

Senzaquadro n°73 and Senzaquadro n°74

Senzaquadro N°73

Senzaquadro is an inseparable frame from the painting itself, where a message is contained, filed, and accepted as a patent. Made of 90 percent of food and delivery packaging waste, it combines recycled materials, the emotionality of color, and the evocative power of words.

An artistic design project born during lockdown, made of packaging waste.

After attending Milan Design Week at Isola Design District (4-10 September 2021) Senzaquadro presents at “Only Good News” exhibition at Pennings Foundation, two pieces strongly linked to the change we experienced during the pandemic.

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About Celeste Gaia

I'm a multidisciplinary artist born in Milan (21/06/1990). Graduated in Media Languages at Catholic University, after a master's degree at IED in Photography and Visual Design, I worked for several creative agencies and start-ups in Milan, then during lockdown I created Senzaquadro.
Senzaquadro N°74
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