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Rocking Elements | 100% Cork.

Biobased Design Experience

The Rocking Elements introduce the design world to a unique creative application of expanded cork. This collection helps this great biomaterial gain popularity with its soothing velvety feel and minimalist design potential. An inspiration for even more circular economic products.

Signature Edition | Inspirations For A Corky World.

Rocking Elements | 100% Cork.

This signature, biobased edition is made of expanded cork. A unique and environmentally friendly in- and outdoor collection that exudes volume, luxury and power, while at the same time enveloping any environment with tranquility and elegance through its minimalist design and materialization.

About Bart Daemen

studio | detail. is a Belgian design studio and working at the intersection of function, aesthetics, and experience.

It deals with furniture and interior design and has a special attention for sustainability and natural materials.

Always looking for the essence, a sober and sooting design.
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