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Beirut Identity Competition 2020

SAMARA — © University of San Marino

Beirut ID kwam er als reactie op de explosie in de haven van Beiroet op 4/8/2020 om 18.00 uur, waardoor de helft van Beiroet verwoest werd. De winnaars boden de gemeenschappen van Beiroet echte oplossingen om het leven van de mensen weer op te bouwen en de Libanese identiteit

Winners of Beirut Id: 1st and 2nd place

1st prize Nazel el-Saleh
Alexandra Basil: l'Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts

In order to face the economic crisis, Alexandra decided to create an organisation called "Nazel el Saleh". It will bring together a community of small local producers.
Through an atypical market based on the traditional Lebanese practice of the wicker basket. The organisation "Nazel El Saleh" will supply the basket by supporting local basket weavers making (wicker craftsman, rope supplier, iron worker). NES will then provide the basket to the inhabitant/seller who will in turn sell his goods to the passer-by/buyer.

2nd Prize: Ekhtiyarat Teta
Marine Germani: l'Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts

Ekhtiyarat Teta 'choices of grandma' is a community both physical and virtual, that aims to promote small businesses present throughout Beirut. Ekhtiyarat Teta promotes those small businesses chosen by Teta (grandma) and gives them exposure and attracts more customers. At Ekhtiyarat Teta we also offer another service called “tabekh teta” ( grandma’s home cooking ) which is a meal by Teta and sold exclusively at those small shops targeting a younger audience less prone to visit and support those beiruthy gems

Regenerating identity. Dynamic pills for the community of Beirut

An applied research project presented by University of Bologna and University of San Marino, which won a special mention at Beirut Identity Contest.

The study activities have developed over a period of 12-18 months and have involved semester courses and quick workshops, flanked by research projects and exhibition projects related to daily life activities, to the micro-infrastructure of neighbourhood and the principles of Community Design and Design for Territory, particularly in the areas of Central Beirut affected by the devastation.
The project links two main categories of analysis and project proposed by the call-in synergy: The best food sustainability solutions and The best small business.

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About Dolly Daou, Cumulus Ass, BeOpen Foundation

The aim of the Identity competition is to bring back joy, happy activities and the resilience to all Lebanese people by reinventing hope and revitalising Beirut and its spirit. This competition is open to the world design community – students, professionals and to anyone, who is willing to offer impactful environmental and identity solutions to disastrous communities and to anyone is willing to help Lebanon during its time of crisis. #designforpeace #citiesincrisis

BEIRUT ON STAIRS — © University of Bologna

DAYRAT ALSADAQUH — © Alzahra University

Alexandra Basil: Nazel el-Saleh, — © L'Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (l'ALBA)

Marine Germani: Ekhtiyarat Teta (Grandma's Choice)

Strijp-S area, Yksi Expo, Torenallee 22-04 , Map No. B13
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