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(Archive) DESIGN BOND 纽带 China Calling Conference at DDW

Fourth Edition of China Calling Celebrates Bonding with People, Nature and Culture through Design

This project was part of DDW 2022
Matjaž Tančič

Our increasingly fractured world represents one of the most urgent challenges facing society today. We advocate to strengthen our “bond" with the Chinese design community (and beyond) in order to face the challenges which are threatening our world.

Bonding through design

A “bond” is the condition of being held together, a relationship which connects us and remains throughout time.

Join us for the online conference, Design Bond, to celebrate our bonding with people, nature and culture through design.

The first part of the programme Design Bond: Nature features key speakers Tjeerd Veenhoven, award winning Dutch designer, and Caroline Cheng, artist, curator and co-founder of Yi Design, who will present their highly innovative circular design projects.

The second part of the programme Design Bond: Technology brings Daniel Zhang, architect and CEO of Broad Core Building
and Hendrik-Jan Grievink, artist and designer to the fore, who will share their respective visions on the future of technology. The sessions will be concluded by a discussion with participating speakers.

The presentations will be accompanied by an interview with photographer Matjaž Tançiç and his recent work in Shanghai, and a performance by young design talent Kexin Hao. The programme will be moderated by journalist and writer Michiel Hulshof.