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Embracing Existence

A photographical perception of our being.

Heart on Fire — © Britt Roelse

‘Embracing Existence’ shows vulnerability and the deep desires of us humans in our internal and external world. The conscious perception of emotions of our inner being is captured in an intense way. The imagery takes you to a new, or forgotten dimension. To your inner world. To your state of being.

Turning vulnerability into strength.

When we open up ourselves we become vulnerable and available for everything from the outside. Because of this, we can be in any kind of state during the day and affected by everything around us. All sensory perceptions are food for the soul, be it in a positive or negative way. This consciousness can be found in the photographical art of Roelse. Her work reflects how daily emotional changes affect us as a person. She is capable of taking us along to a new or forgotten dimension and make us become conscious of these emotions: showing our vulnerability as a power.

About Britt Roelse

The work of artist Britt Roelse (1986) is atmospheric and melancholic, and its visual language leans towards the pictorial art from the 17th century. Characteristic for her work is her energetic interaction with her team. This results in powerful photos that dare to show vulnerability, deep desires and loneliness of the human being on both the internal and external level. Her motto “Your past defines who you are today” describes her as the person behind the lens and also her visual language.