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(Archive) Sk么n

Sk么n products are made in a social carpentry workshop in Helmond. Designed with and made by people who are excluded from the job market.

This project was part of DDW 2022
The team: "Sk么nne mensen"

What happens if personal growth is the profit of a furniture label instead of money? Our answer: Sk么n things happen! We recycle materials as resources for our furniture, designed by students of St Lucas and based on the skills of our people. And sell them for a fair price, so anyone could buy them.

We strive to diminish waste.

Our mission to lessen waste doesn鈥檛 stop at recycling materials we use to build our products with. We noticed there鈥檚 a whole different kind of waste. The waste of people鈥檚 talent.

Sk么n products are made in a social carpentry workshop in Helmond. Our woodwork team consists of people who are excluded from the labour market. Because they are homeless, they have mental issues, suffer from drug addiction or are for other reasons not able to connect with the complexity of our society.

When you discover their stories you will know these are all people with hopes and dreams for their future. Creative, pioneering philosophers even.

What a waste to not ask them what it is they want to learn and what skills they want to develop for their personal growth! So we do ask, and we design our products based on the answers we get.

All our products are designed with the skills of our people in mind, so that they can develop their talent whilst working. Doing something that makes you happy gives you confidence

Design built on craftsmanship

Students of Sint Lucas, School for creative talents, designed our first pieces of furniture. The students learned to design, built on the craftsmanship of our people. The people of Sk么n took part in the design process, resulting in an extraordinary collection of handmade, sustainable interior products, mostly made of recycled material, always made with an eye for quality.

Affordable design, made for everyone

We wanted to make design accessible to everyone. That is why every link in our product chain is equal. We keep our prices fair and low: The people who make our products should also be able to buy them.

So now you know how we create a society where everyone counts and everyone can contribute. That is what we call 鈥楽k么n鈥. Meet us at Dutch Design Week to discover our whole story!

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One of our favorite projects: "draagkracht"

A lamp, made of old furniture called "Wonnie"

Marcel, one of the people behind Sk么n