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(Archive) sketch/stack/play!

A family of playful interior objects

This project was part of DDW 2022
TUUT & TUUT TOWER by emmah. — © Chantal van der Erve, The Super Tree Project

From her studio in the centre of Rotterdam Emma creates this playful collection of interior accessories. They are colorful objects made from ceramics and silicone. Emma believes life is already serious enough. 'We'd better surround ourselves with multifunctional playful objects'.

sketch/stack/play! - the collection

The collection ‘sketch/stack/play!’ is a family of handmade interior products, designed by studio emmah. (Emma Hoogstede).

Emma designs by abstracting shapes from the (mostly) Dutch city streetscape. She merges these shapes into 2D drawings, after which the 2D image is translated into 3D objects. Her visual language is playful, colorful and a little quirky. She often assigns the object a function after the object has already been created. As a result, the focus is mainly on form. This creates space for the owners to interpret the function of the object in their own way.

For example, ‘TUUT’ can be both a candle holder and a small vase. And the ‘TABLE TUMBLERS’ find their function as a lemonade jug or perhaps as a watering can, sauce jug or vase. These tumblers dance across the table on their skirts; maybe they spill a bit along the way. The objects are not only functional, they are also fun to look at.
The focus is mainly on play, fun and interaction. In this way Emma wants to create a stronger bond between user and object. Creating a greater awareness of the things we surround ourselves with on a daily basis, with the aim of giving the objects a longer lifespan.

PLATEAU by emmah. — © Emma Hoogstede