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(Archive) Art Tech Fun Robots eGirls Manifestations

Best of Graduates 2022 Art Academies, International Pioneers , Virtual Worlds..

This project was part of DDW 2022
'The Best Jewellery A Woman Can Wear Is Her Smile' — © Alma Teer

Large exhibition
Art, Tech and Fun! - ROBOTS, E-fashion, Kids.
50 artists of the Future
(mis)Matches between men and technology, being safe and connected.
And, besides our expo in VEEM, we have an extended virtual program: enjoy!
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For the seventh in a row, Manifestations shows artists who, in a funny, spectacular or controversial way, examine the (mis) matches between people and technology and ask how technology can contribute to a sweeter, more humane world.

With more than 50 works by mostly young, recently graduated artists who put the exciting interaction between people and technology in a different light.
Visit the website for the full range and program of kids workshops, lectures and meet-ups.

We offer tours and VIP tours via pers at to sign up.

Manifestations is the largest Art & Tech event during Dutch Design Week.

Promissing talent

What can you expect? Speculative teenage room of the future. Radiant goddesses, Living room of the future that connects people worldwide in all dimensions. Cuddly Robots, Introspection Puzzle, Time Travel, Hyperscope, Extraterritorialities and Offshore, Waste Light, Smile Jewels, Lolitaization, Voyeurism and Inner Reflections, Boundless Urine Product, White nuts, Fashion of the Future, Biotech Materials for Fashion and Homes, 4K Critical time shells, Future of Videomapping, Digital Punishment, Love, Shame and awkward memories, Retro Climate Change, 4D toilet, Toxic Truth, Depressing Popup store, The Disappearance of hacker Arjen Kamphuis, AR, VR.
Manifestations is a journey into the future, past 'unreal' technological realities and if you scroll down a bit, you will see that we have already highlighted a number of works and artists for you.

The program also includes workshops for children, lectures, performances, and meet-ups. The first names have been confirmed, read on for three highlighted projects and from now on keep an eye on the website and social media for the full program and special events.

Also online

Also visit our online events and performances: (Discord)

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Tanja Vujinovic — © CORE

Tanja Vuijinovic — © Tanja Vuijinovic

Viola Renate - ZeroSoloGoddess — © ViolaRenate

Unicorn Crystal Wall - Wallpaper