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(Archive) Interactive Publication Textiles

Is your dress a text? Is your text a dress?

This project was part of DDW 2022
Publication Trousers — ©

Publication is the act of making information/news/stories available for public consumption. This is usually done through print, books, or nowadays on the internet. What will happen if we make our text publicly available using our garments?


Making knowledge public. The usual way is to print on paper, fold the paper, make a book. Or publish on pages on the internet. The illusion is that then this information is "available". But is it? A book remains mainly folded and closed and even if you have read the text, either you forget, or you cannot find the right spot inside the book anymore. The pages on the internet - how to know where to find them. So we are looking for other ways of making your ideas public. Since you are wearing textiles all the time - why not carry your latest text and images around, and show your marvellous ideas to where it matters - where you are personally.


Printing on textiles is nowadays made possible with sublimation printing technique. Publishing on textiles opens a new world of possibilities. Textiles in contrast to paper is more flexible and can easily be made into a three dimensional shape using the usual sewing techniques. Textiles drape around the body and develop a relation to the body. Garments are the public side of persons and the textiles have become the new way of publishing your content.


Interactivity is ubiquitous nowadays. E-textile Design makes textiles and garments interactive. Publication and interactivity are closely related. Your publication on textiles is made interactive by adding microcontrollers and little screens to the garments. Using ESP techniques the garment gets connected to the internet making it possible to add information to your text dress.

Publication Dress and trousers — ©

E-paper Interactivity — ©

Publication Textiles, Bremen Städtische Galerie