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(Archive) Life Is A Cultural Thread 2022

A story about the blends of cultural influences in the traditional and innovative craft of textile designers, weavers, entrepreneurs and activists.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Nature — © Viviana M. Calderon de la Barca

Life Is A Cultural Thread 2022 (25 min) is a story confronting aspects of current themes, in the broadest sense, in the lives of creative women from different generations and corners of the world. All in a collision of cultural tradition and innovation.

An arthouse film approaching women textile designers, weavers, enterpreneurs and activitists.

Following the growing awareness on sustainable textile design innovation, and the underrepresentation of female artists in history, the writer and director of Life Is A Cultural Thread 2022, embarks on a new journey in a subject she is so passionate about.

The result is a tapestry of interviews with women artists and designers leading in the industry from and in, different corners of the globe. From textile dyeing traditions to weaving techniques or innovative approaches to art, the audience learns in this intergenerational short, how each one of them contributes like a thread, to our world’s intercultural tapestry of textile production and consumption.

All, by blending influences and heritage as a solution for a more equitable, diverse, and sustainable future.

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Christie van der Haak — © Niek T. Klasen

Monica Flores Moreno — © Viviana M. Calderon de la Barca

Dr. Nora Kravis — © Niek T. Klasen