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The studio loves to take you with them into their view on light, during their solo exhibition at Sectie-C.

This project was part of DDW 2022
new: BULLA wall light — © Pim Top

During the solo-exhibition of the studio, they love to show you their view on light, colour and reflection. Their experience with blown glass, combined 
with their knowledge in the field of LED lighting. Literally and figuratively, the studio fuse craft and innovation in two new lighting series.


The studio loves to take you with them into their view on light. How they direct light and how they partially let it go its own way. Light is a beautiful phenomenon, which you can endlessly play with, according to the studio. It fascinates them how the light shines up and through different surfaces, resulting in its shadow play and reflections. Especially in blown glass the results are unprecedented, which is why the studio has researched how to obtain the most striking effects of reflections with mouth-blown glass.


Several times in the past years, the studio has experimented with blown glass, combining it with different kind of frames and structures of wood and metal to create an interplay between different matter.
In these works they let the glass go its own way, up to a certain point where the different materials come together. A new bulbous shape appears, being the counterpart of a structured framework, but with its own freeform in between.


Now the studio combines its expertise in the liquid material, with their knowledge in the field of LED lighting. These two worlds complement each other perfectly, according to them; the transparency, reflection, colour and layering of the glass, with the wide variety and the minuscule size of LEDs. With this, the possibilities are endless. Here the studio literally and figuratively fuse craft and innovation together.


The studio has been present during the Dutch Design Week since 2011. For the past two years the studio focused on idealising and developing new work. This Dutch Design Week they will show the first results of this journey, along with some other designs during their solo exhibition at Sectie-C.
The studio is among other designs known for their wall shelves 'the Plastc Mine' made of waste plastic in all kinds of colours and crazy shapes, the Vapour light; a sculptural lamp with a flexible sleeve that curls around a transparent staff and numerous blown vases and display cases!


Note for editors

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images 1 & 2 made by Pim Top

new: GRID pedant light — © Pim Top

Colour shelves - the Plastic mine — © studio Thier & van Daalen

portrait Iris & Ruben — © studio Thier & van Daalen

VAPOUR light 2018