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(Archive) Love Letter Generator

Is love still real if AI generates your love letters? Does AI endanger our ability to form meaningful connections?

This project was part of DDW 2022
I am an AI that can write love letters for you. — © Bedrijf de Liefde

With the help of AI, everyone can now generate almost anything in an instant: from text to images and beyond. How does this influence society? The Love Letter Generator explores generative AI (through GPT-3) and urges you to reflect on your relationship with technology.

Legible love

The Love Letter Generator is a playful invitation to ethical reflection on AI.

You take place behind an old computer. The flickering green screen has a message for you: “So... you're looking for a way to connect with someone? You have come to the right place. I am an AI - an Artificial Intelligence - that writes love letters for you.”

The AI continues its message. It’s witty and snarky and it has questions for you to answer if you want that love letter.

The AI takes your answers and turns them into a unique love letter that is automatically sent to a printer. As you finish reading this piece of legible love, the AI asks you how it has done. And it asks more...

Results at what cost?

AI has become accessible to everyone. Things that took a lot of skill to achieve in the past, can now be generated in an instant - just by entering some text.

This is no different in the Love Letter Generator. Based on just a little input, it generates impressive results.

AI is a tool to achieve great things, but at what cost? And what does that mean for our society?

Interacting with the Love Letter Generator encourages you to reflect on these questions.

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What does AI think about love? — © Bedrijf de Liefde

Reflect on your experience. Write the AI a letter. — © Bedrijf de Liefde

Get your letter printed by a dot-matrix printer. — © Bedrijf de Liefde

Interact with the AI through this old computer.