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(Archive) Worth the Waste: Creating value chains from waste

Visit our stand to see how we generate entire new products and business models out of industrial waste streams

This project was part of DDW 2022
Before and after| From climbing shoe to sportfloor

We explore the potential of waste through creating new value chains. In this exposition you can find bicycle racks from old bicycles, sport flooring from climbing shoes and various hospital products made from hospital coats together with the process of upcycling duvets. It's time to trash talk.

Worth the Waste

At Worth the Waste we show the possibilities of using waste materials as a material source. The economy based on economies of scale has made us create products which are easy to fabricate and scale, yet lead to waste material in the manufacturing process or in the end product. With our ambition to create the circular economy in the Netherlands we created a model to create value chains from waste.

From waste to value

A couple of steps are needed in order to reuse the material from a ‘waste’ product. First the different materials in the product need to be separated. Then those materials are processed into a raw material. This raw material will then be remanufactured into a half-fabricate which can be transformed into a new product. Both the possibilities, and the quality of the end product depend on the type of machine used in each step. There are various ways to separate materials, just as there are different ways of extracting the raw material. As such, each ‘waste’ product has each own exploration and search for the best value chain.

From complex to simple: A method for a visual process

At our exhibition you can see both the thinking process through which we create value chains. As well as each step in the chain. Our aim is to create a process which is applicable to any waste stream that exists in the Netherlands. As such, we encourage you to challenge us with a waste stream from your organization. And perhaps, find reason to waste time together.

Before and after: From bicycle to bicycle rack

Concept sketch | Products for AUMC hospital

Process | Value chain for synthetic duvets

End product | Sport floor