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(Archive) Het Nieuwe Logisch

Find out how we use bicycle tires, car belts and tarpaulin to create quality travel bags.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Pictures: The New Logic weekend bag — © Jord de Kat Angelino

Visit our location to see how we recycle bicycle tires, car belts and tarpaulin into high-end backpacks, travelbags and fannypacks. After a successful European Kickstarter we are now taking the step towards our goal: Making waste streams mainstream.

Reducing the mountain of waste, bag by bag

It all started with questions. How come we produce so far away? How come we never know under which circumstances a product has been created? And how come sometimes you get extra costs at the end? This makes no sense to us. There is no logic. Instead, we believe it is logical to use existing materials, produce locally against honest conditions while creating products that last. Meet: The New Logic. We see mountains of waste as mountains of potential, and through simply extending the lifespan of materials we can reduce the waste. One bag at a time.

Accessible, and inconspicuously sustainable

Making waste steams mainstream. That is our goal. Therefore our aim has been to create a product which doesn’t shout “Hey! I am sustainable!”. Instead, we want to people to look at it and simply appreciate the bag for being a bag. Afterwards, on closer inspection, you see the bag is fully made through reuse of materials. We use materials that require properties to last. A car belt needs to withstand a sudden huge force. Bicycle tires need to withstand wear and tear. To make waste mainstream we designed a bag that does not feel high-end, and instead could be considered ‘the new basic’. So it could become a new everyday product and replace one which requires new material.

A new step: From chaotic input to controlled output

The New Logic enters a new fase. That on its own creates new challenges. How do you make sure you can keep offering the same type of quality material? Visit our exhibition and see how we dealt with this, and translated to a portfolio of different bags.

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Detail of The New Logic weekend bag — © Despina Papachristoudi - Replicaphotography

Design process: The first 9 iterations of the bag — © Jord de Kat Angelino

Material: Used bicycle tires — © Jord de Kat Angelino

Team of The New Logic