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Design Reseach & Innovation Festival DRIVE 2022

Since 2014, the Design Research & Innovation Festival has have been putting innovative projects -with results- at the interface of knowledge and innovation in the spotlight. This year, DRIVE will focus on a couple of themes where we see great opportunities for the creative sector.


Monday 24/10: how can creatives contribute to Social Innovations?
Tuesday 25/10: design for Public Spaces, while thinking about (mental) wellbeing.
Wednesday 26/10: about Circular Design and its impact on business models.
Thursday 27/10: exploring the possible impact of Immersive Content, both digital and non-digital.
Friday 28/10: the possibilities of and with Experimental Environments.


DRIVE starts daily at 10 AM and ends at 2 PM. This includes a (private) work session. The live talk show is a public event and starts everyday at 10:30 AM. The talk show can be watched by livestream, or you can join us in Eindhoven.

Sign up for the livestream here:

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The creative industry is a driver of innovation. It delivers human-oriented solutions for societal challenges. To be able to continue to deliver that impact, CLICKNL, Top Consortium of the top sector Creative Industries, wants to enhance the creative professional's knowledge base. In doing so, we strengthen the sector and the innovative capacity of the Netherlands.