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Caring Clothing Tech

A sustainable and comfortable alternative to disposable isolation gowns in healthcare.

Caring Clothing Tech + UV-C system in use

Let’s make reusable and comfortable protective wear the new standard in healthcare.


CCT is a research through design project, powered by a like-minded team of female technologists, fashion designers and researchers. Through an iterative approach we developed a system for reusable isolation gowns for hospital staff that are protective, user-friendly, comfortable, functional and recyclable.


Our high quality gown reduces the current environmental impact of disposable gowns by over 90%. One locally made reusable gown replaces 400 disposables, which ultimately results in cost savings. We have achieved this impact through effective collaboration with healthcare professionals, a reinvention of the gown silhouette and pattern, and through selecting washable coated textiles and digital production techniques to optimize use and minimize waste.

What's next?

Each gown is traced by their unique label and can be returned to the user after UV-C disinfection or industrial washing. User tests with the final prototypes in more than 6 Dutch hospitals validates that care personnel feel comfortable and protected with this innovative design.

The CCT team is eager to share the rich knowledge developed within this project in the hope of reducing the global burden of PPE waste.

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About loves to expand innovative fashion by sharing knowledge and developing innovative prototypes. As freelance intermediary Marina Toeters works for fashion and technical companies; creates concepts, brainstorm sessions, presentations, garments and textile products for example for technical companies that are looking for new applications for their materials or advises designers interested in material and process innovation.

Caring Clothing Tech in the hospital

Caring Clothing Tech Label

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