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(Archive) Raw Color x Sancal — Link & Loop

The sculptural pieces LINK and LOOP are staged in monumental colour settings. Colour blocked volumes meet with contrasting draped backdrops.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Link sofas and poufs — © Sancal

LINK and LOOP are the sculptural furniture pieces that derived from the collaboration of Raw Color and Sancal. These seating objects are accompanied with the organic dyed Tinctorial Textiles that complete the spatial colour compositions. The fabric is developed and produced by Ecological Textiles.

Raw Color challenges with Sancal conventionalism for resting and socialising.

LOOP & LINK are part of the same collaborative project between the design studio Raw Color and Sancal. Raw Color connects light, shadow, colour and volume in softly rounded geometries. Illusionism is also the masterful translation of graphic expression into the reality of a piece of furniture.

This creative duo rethinks the way we sit based on the sinuous volumes of a chain. Scale plays a key role here, as it can turn an everyday object into a sculpture. The sculptural LINK poufs are the result of a reflection on alternative furnishing solutions. By breaking down all formal borders, their approach is undoubtedly free, and this triggers an anarchic sitting.

Raw Color seeks to create new ways of sitting. The LOOP soft seating range not only offers different sizes, but also a selection of special finishes that break the loop. LOOP "Designer's Edition" is available in 4 versions of the Planum textile, also designed by this studio for the Danish textile company Kvadrat.

Tinctorial Textiles
The range offers thirteen semi translucent woolen fabrics, dyed with natural colours. All of the colours have been derived from three plants: madder, woad and weld.

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Link and Loop — © Sancal

Link and Loop — © Sancal

Link poufs — © Raw Color

Tinctorial Textiles panels