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(Archive) De Trip

Get (re)set!
Descend for an uplifting experience. Wander through an underground world with light, sound, scent and various sensations.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Still from teaser video De Trip — © Trip to the Moon Films

De Trip’s installation at Dutch Design Week is an underground escape, a step into a different dimension - returning uplifted and inspired. Get set to go on a journey of stillness, stimulation, and oasis. An immersive experience is created with light, sound, new perspectives, and various sensations.

Poetry in architecture

De Trip is a concept and initiative of Francine, founder of FELD.
Why did you create De Trip and what does it mean to your studio?

"I find it important to keep reflecting on our work and goals. If FELD works from the principle that people feel better in well-designed spaces, what would happen if we forget about functionality and work on a project where this belief is the starting point and singular goal? Creating a space that solely targets feeling, being and experiencing? This thought is developed into an actual project and space.

In turbulent times De Trip gives a small immaterial escape, an inspiring experience into a different dimension. We don’t have to go far to go on an inner journey.

With De Trip I want to express the importance of poetry in architecture. In our field we work with a programme of requirements; just as relevant is the programme of poetry. Because, which story do we want the space to narrate? And what do we want people to experience and remember after they've spent time in a space? Functionality is nice, an experience is what makes a lasting impression. I hope to grow our studio's focus on projects and clients that match this value and vision.”

Collaborations that count

De Trip is evolved to an immersive experience thanks to several great collaborations. The light design is developed in partnership with Paul Cremers of Marlon van der Pas of _blank adds to the installation with his talent for sound design. Lingua Planta finds the finest aromatics to ensure a high-quality product that is also friendly to earth. Narrative textiles come from Siersema and innovative sustainable materials are donated by American Supply Paris.

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Still from teaser video De Trip — © Trip to the Moon Films

De Trip

Still from teaser video De Trip — © Britt Roelse

De Trip