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(Archive) Funghi Fabulous

This project was part of DDW 2022
Chantarelle Valley — © Risja Steeghs

Funghi Fabulous is a series of light and luscious interior objects. Creating a soft interaction through wavy textures. Mimicking the bark of a birch tree and the organic shapes created in the mud by rain. Bedazzled with a dozen of tiny, shiny, white ceramic mushrooms.

A walk with nature for your wall

Funghi Fabulous is an exhibition within the Bolia store presented by Risja Steeghs. 
Showcasing a series of delicate wall objects made with natural pigments, crystals, plaster and ceramic mushrooms.
The applied pigments, are gathered from places that Risja has traveled and lived in. Aiming to draw the audience into a deeper connection with the interior objects and pieces she designs. By connecting them to her personal life. The places she has visited, lived in & wandered through are part of her body of work. By adding hand collected material into her designs, she believes they carry a piece of lived memory within them
All works are inspired by the natural realm. Using organic shapes to lure you into a soft interaction with her work. Funghi fabulous is a series of poetic interior objects, all handcrafted and one of a kind.

Risja's wonderous world

Risja's designs & artworks can be recognized by a poetic playfulness and whimsy. Inspired by nature and her personal life. She sees her works as one big cosmos or universe. Approaching the making stage similarly to a child at play in the garden. A little bit wacky, dreamy and inspired by the intuitive process of creation.

Risja Gallery is the embodiment of this process. It is an art & design gallery, studio and creative hub for workshops and education.
The works you will find there are colorful statement pieces, not made for the faint hearted. Aiming to create bold interior designs that make people smile, brighten up any room and invite an organic playfulness into daily life.

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Birch — © Risja Steeghs

Funghi — © Risja Steeghs

Shiitake Interior — © Risja Steeghs