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(Archive) Dryland

A beautiful woollen carpet that depicts the dehydration in the Dutch countryside.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Carpet from above

With Dryland, Studio Liselot Cobelens investigated how dehydration arose in the Netherlands. It is hard to imagine that a slow desiccation is taking place. Even the inhabitants are not yet aware of the silent killer drought. Four consequences are translated into an impressive wool carpet.


Dryland explains how dehydration started and shows four different perspectives on the consequences. In addition to being a beautifully designed interior carpet, Dryland allows you to listen to the different four landscape problems in the installation. Talk to the designer and perhaps discover a new story about desiccation.

The Dutch landscape is associated with lots of water, splashing ducks, green lawns, grazing cows by the ditch and many canals. The story of dehydration is a difficult one. Because the interests of different parties are diverse.

At the local level, projects are being set up to make areas more humid, but a national approach is still pending.

During Dutch Design Week, talk to the designer about the consequences of desiccation and listen to the four different perspectives that can be found in the landscape domain.

Burning away

Detail of carpet

@t location