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(Archive) BioModule

Modular wall panels from agricultural waste and fast-growing crops

This project was part of DDW 2022
BioModule — © VanHier

Bring nature inside home or office with the BioModule from VanHier: decorative, modular and 100% natural wall panels, made from Dutch natural residual flows and fast-growing crops.

Biobased Economy: From farmer to building

A shift is needed from a linear economy to a circular and biobased economy. With a biological cycle we can cleanup CO2 and restore biodiversity. VanHier gives value to fast-growing crops and local natural residual waste streams which otherwise will be burned (biomass). We convert this into a sustainable biomaterial called: BioM. With BioM we contribute to a better revenue model for farmers and nature conservation. The materials are produced locally, reducing the need for the construction industry to import materials from abroad and thus saving CO2 emissions.

BioM - 100% natural sheet material

The possibilities are endless, VanHier processes agricultural, horticultural and natural waste: reed clippings, roses waste, Christmas trees, cattail, sorghum, grass clippings, and there are even more possibilities. Another important ingredient is cellulose from elephants grass. This fast growing crop stores 4 times more CO2 than a similar forest-area.
BioM has a thickness of approximately 2 mm, is scratch resistant, recyclable, degradable (compostable) and moisture repellent. The material is suitable for indoor applications. The natural fibers are clearly visible in the sheets. Each waste stream has different properties and a different look. Unlike plastic sheet material, BioM is biodegradable (compostable), recyclable, not harmful to nature and climate positive.

Applications and possibilities

BioM is suitable as biolaminate for wallcoverings and furniture finishing. To obtain more strength properties, it is possible to laminate multiple sheets with a natural binder. It is comparable with plywood. The thin sheets can be cut with a laser cutter into any shape and thus offer numerous design possibilities.
VanHier offers different colours of sheets by adding natural non-damaging colour pigments. We work with semi-transparent colours so the decorative effect of the natural fibers remains visible.

BioModule at Yksi Expo — © VanHier

BioModule with rose waste — © VanHier