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(Archive) Check Your Technoprivilege

How inclusive is technology actually?

This project was part of DDW 2022

Every human on earth has to deal with technological change. But not all of us have equal access to technologies or the education needed to work with them. Are we aware of all the ways technology impacts ourselves, other humans and the planet as a whole?

Mission: mapping technology privileges globally

The core of the project is an interactive ‘checklist of technoprivilege’ in the form of a browser-based app that invites people to check their own techno privilege and will help collecting statements worldwide. The audience is challenged to take a position by leaving a story in the form of a short text, sound bite or video statement. This way, we help people become more aware of the power dynamics around technology and simultaneously empower them by giving them a small voice in the global technology debate. All the statements together, plus a podcast series will create a global scan of the conversation around technology and privilege: how are people across the globe experiencing technoprivilege and what do they believe should happen to overcome this, with the goal to create awareness.

Desired Impact

We challenge consumers and developers of technology, as well as decision makers, to raise their awareness about the various technology privileges they hold. We empower those who hold less technology privilege by including their voices in various ways. We provide actionable advice to overcome inequalities caused through technoprivilege.