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Connect and Create in Simulated Reality.

This project was part of DDW 2022
ConceptD Laptop

Dimenco believes that with Simulated Reality display technology the user can create presence in a 3D world without wearables. Our Simulated Reality Connectivity and Creation demos allow you to interact with virtual 3D objects and experience the presence of a virtual avatar.  

What is Simulated Reality?

The future of working is changing. During the pandemic people started to work more from home, and so virtual - both while creating and connecting. This new way of working invokes a new standard, which creates tons of new possibilities and challenges. How do you design for a virtual world, and how do you communicate your work virtually? We at Dimenco believe that Simulated Reality will be crucial for our work in the future.

By using stereoscopy and presenting a unique image to your left- and right eye, the user can see 3D images without wearables. By combining this 3D image with other senses like sound and hand interaction, we can combine reality and virtuality. Visitors to Dimenco’s Simulated Reality Connectivity and Creation use cases can engage with virtual 3D objects, as well as experience the presence of the person they are talking to – all in a fully virtual environment and without the need for a bulky HMD (head-mounted display) or other wearables.

Connect – How can you connect in Simulated Reality? 

Video calling is a great alternative to meeting people in person which enables us to still communicate and collaborate. But non-verbal communication is more difficult to transfer using 2D.

Telepresence is the feeling of being present in a virtual world and is an important factor of online collaboration. To create this feeling, the position, movement, and voice of the caller needs to be transferred as accurate as possible. Therefore, we explored how Simulated Reality can enhance telepresence. Two visitors can speak with each other through 3D virtual avatars. These avatars are animated in real-time using face-tracking, so the avatar moves and talks just as the callers do. By putting these avatars in a 3D environment, and giving them a space in our real world, more telepresence can be created.  

Create – How can you create in Simulated Reality? 

Creating for a virtual world often includes 3D objects. Think for instance at product design, 3D printing, game design or animation. These areas for instance use virtual 3D models to prototype or tell a story. Now, these models are made in 2D, which results in a missing dimension. With Simulated Reality we add this dimension. This brings forward details in 3D models, and presenting your work makes more impact.  

If you ever wondered what it is like to create 3D in actual 3D, try our multiple (interactive) experiences focussed on creating in SR during the Dutch Design Week. These experiences can all be seen on the new Simulated Reality ConceptD laptop from Acer. For example, visualizing 3D models, where you have the opportunity to bring your own 3D models to try in SR. To create these 3D models, try out our plugin for Blender and bring it to life in Unreal or Unity.  

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