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ROTOR HOME by Avenue & Plume

Live on the edge of indoors and outdoors with unique rotating facades.

Rotor Home with opened kitchen — © Avenue & Plume

Rotor Home is an eco-friendly tiny habitat where an abundance of light, modest green luxury and functionality come together around its beating heart and unique invention: Rotor Wall! A unique rotating exterior walls system transform your facade into an outdoor kitchen, outdoor spa or vertical farm.

One week, two clients, twenty-five thousand euros and four crazy people!

What started as an adventure ended in invention!
An adventure that started with Avenue & Plume's participation in RTL4's TV show Tiny House Battle hosted by John Williams. A Build-off in which two teams build an eco-friendly tiny house in one week for 25 thousand euros and the buyer chooses the winner. For our buyers, choosing to live in our experimental tiny house meant the beginning of their off-grid adventure as a young family with two small children. And for us the birth of an invention; Rotor Home

A compact habitat with a rotatable exterior wall that literally puts everyday life outside of the mundane. Transform your kitchen into an outdoor kitchen in no time, or your bathroom into eco spa. Or experience how a Rotor Home equipped with a rotating vertical farm brings the experience of self-reliance and modern agriculture to your home.
Normally we are hired as scenographers to design sets, costumes and lighting for immersive audience experiences for operas, plays, film and museum exhibits.
From now on we will also use our years of experience as scenographers to create one of a kind eco living concepts.

Layout and specs.

Rotor Home comes as an eco-friendly and prefabricated wooden habitat equipped with a rotatable wind and watertight portal. This patent pending wall system opens like a pivot wall and serves as a platform for various design applications and markets. Inside Rotor Home you find a well-organized floor plan, generous open living spaces, a spa-style bathroom and a two-person vertical folding bed that transforms the living room into a master bedroom in the evening. For family's storage facilities or guest room purpose, you find a full width void above the bathroom and two kids' bedroom.
The floor-to-ceiling wooden windows create lush and abundant light and are a pleasure to the senses. Large panorama double doors and windows merge the interior and exterior and together with the rotatable Rotor Wall Kitchen it softens the boundaries between in and outdoor living. Furthermore you will find inside besides the wood-fired CV a cooking stove,
integrated solar panels, a wooden bath and a compost toilet. Comfort and eco-luxury built from the latest generation of sustainable materials and fitted on double axle chassis of 10 x 3.5 meters.

Why this mission?

Building a climate-friendly, low-carbon society and economy together sounds like a big task but we see it mainly as a great opportunity for change. And change we do together! Many of these necessary technologies already exist and studio Avenue & Plume likes to combine them with you to make their daily application playful, functional and accessible. So that their use becomes everyday for everyone.
We hope dat living in a Rotor Home with the innovating Rotor Wall Kitchen, helps opening up community homes to share living together by putting living with nature first.

Because the future demands from us critical and global decisions, that we are willing to live smaller, more sustainable and want to do more with less. That this does not have to mean that you have to compromise on everything in terms of conformity, hospitality and design is proven by our Rotor Home. Living large on a small canvas? It is possible!
Our scenography thinking has led to this unique result and will hopefully make a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable future. Because our future demands that radically different mindset. 'Get Set' is therefore the theme of Dutch Design Week 2022.

About Avenue & Plume

Avenue & Plume is founded by Eddy van der Laan en Vera Selhorst. Our studio specializes in creating immersive experiences for museums, hotels, hospitality partners, exclusive homes and art objects. With two decades of experience within international scenography for renowned clients such as National Opera and Ballet, The Royal Danish Opera, van Gogh Museum and many more, Avenue & Plume offers a distinctive and artistic signature with unconventional and functional designs.

Rotor Home night view — © Avenue & Plume

Rotor Spa — © Avenue & Plume

Rotor Farm — © Avenue & Plume

Rotor Home bird view