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(Archive) SHIT SHOW

We bring the food cycle to life with a Shit Show that serves the first real circular sandwiches with a side dish of some serious ‘poop for thought’.

This project was part of DDW 2022
BroodJE POEP (Shit Sandwich) - Fides Lapidaire — © Klant in zicht

The SHIT SHOW is an exhibition that takes visitors on a journey from shit to sandwich. A collection of designers that ask the big SHIT questions and guide you through all the steps necessary to close the food cycle. Taste, smell, touch and shit at the SHIT SHOW!

A fertile exchange between city and country

The SHIT SHOW takes you into an alternate reality where the civilians are a crucial part of our food production. High-quality compost is made from the poop and pee produced by the people in the city. The farmer needs this to keep his soil healthy and to be able to produce nutrient-rich food for the people in the city.

In an increasingly polarized landscape between city and country, the SHIT SHOW creates a tangible world that demands an active extradition between city and country and makes the dependence between the two tangible and equal at the same time.

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