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Embryonic Babies of Hot Winters

Avita Maheen weeps on the existence of the world and the non existent promises of future nostalgia.

Embryonic Babies of Hot Winters questions a questionable past, present and foreseeable future. The project is characterized by transmedia storytelling and gamified-cinematic experiences.


This is not a series of reflections but it questions a questionable past, present and foreseeable future. The world of our existence is desensitized; universal poverty and cold blooded consumption are thy favorites. I wish you good luck +:+ My heart is bleeding.

Embryonic Babies of Hot Winters is a nonlinear narrative, one that documents negative human to human experiences, some personal, some objective, that lure under the fabric of our subconscious experience. Those that we see and observe, become part of our experience, some we endure in silence, and some we bury in statistics. Only upon reckoning, a dialogue may emerge. Have we desensitized ourselves to the deleterious impacts of our society at large?

I, refer and reflect as an embryo that continues to form and shape, is precipitated by the countless facets of self and society. Few parallels of exhaustion and conundrums of my being are poverty, disparity, class struggle, patriarchal gaze, socio-cultural pressures, bureaucracy, authoritative regimes and all that jazz and all that strings; a pause to let the weight of the world fall on my shoulder and stir in every fiber, to remember where we are.

About Avita Maheen

Avita Maheen is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, filmmaker, and researcher, born in Bangladesh and now, based in The Netherlands. The general image of her practice is in the domain of New Media Arts, drawing into Embodied and Sensorial Media Art.
Strijp-S area, Klokgebouw | Hall 4, Klokgebouw 50 , Map No. B1
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