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Embrace the present and craft a human future 

This project was part of DDW 2022
Messmerizing DDW 2022

MESSMERIZING is a contemporary forward looking exhibition at Eindhoven Central Station. A space where designers & artists connect and reconnect the visitors on multiple levels. Everything is made to enchant and mesmerize in an overwhelming raw space with colorful design-pieces.

The Gateway to DDW

The MESSMERIZING location is set in the vacant NS (dutch railway) space based at the heart of Eindhoven. Job Keja and Sandra Keja Planken have chosen this MESSMERIZING theme, showing the Mind and Material SET UP for the present and future in materials & designs. While showing how to program unique abandoned spaces like this for they soon realized the space was to large for just them 2. The curated objects provide enchanting experiences. In short bold looking works presented in a unique way with the ambition to blend the boundaries between art & design with joy inducing objects and a mindset on the future. A design playhouse.

Design & Installations by
Sandra Keja Planken, Teun Zwets, Wisse Trooster, Isola Design, Rutger de Regt, Sarah Roseman, Studio Bold & Schaft, Eric van Schaften, Victor de Bie, Dirk Duif, Studio Aeneae, Pien Post, Frederik Smits, Martijntje Cornelia, Sweet Scope, Jorien Wiltenburg, Emmy van de Grift, Studio Wae, 3DD x IAMMI IAMMI, Lenny Stöpp, OrangeorRed, Whoppah Wonderland, studio Flolo, MVDT Collection, Moon Kuijper, G-Star the Art of Raw, Sina Dyks, Lambert Kamps powered by Skonk, studio Noun, Kumasi, Elle Decor, Meester in Bloemen

Messmerizing DDW 2022