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(Archive) Physical Love

Accessories for Closeness and Tenderness.

For couples.

Because everyone needs sex-ed and it can only be learnt with one another.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Accessories for Closeness and Tenderness

Accessories for Closeness and Tenderness are made for sexual education in pairs. They’re a counterproposal to today's sex toys, provoking intimacy instead of focusing on orgasm and efficiency. Sexuality not as solitary activity, but experienced in relation to another human being.

Before sex – Invitation – lamp dedicated to easing problems with sexual communication and initiative

Communication is a prerequisite for any sexual situation. We need to be able to talk about what we expect from sex and our partner. We must also be able to initiate sex, invite another person to it. The expression of initiative may, however, be problematic due to upbringing, taboos or other factors individual for each pair of users.

Invitation is a lamp designed as a tool for dialogue, with an emphasis on its first step – initiative. The projection of own feelings onto an object facilitates communication, helping to avoid shame or doubt. The project helps to tame taboos with a wink of an eye – it’s based on building a flower from wooden petals, an incentive for the bee-shaped key that activates the lamp. Inspired by the “he loves me – he loves me not” counting-out rhyme and the “birds&bees talk”, the projects serves as a reminder of the possibility of approaching erotic closeness with ease, curiosity and fun, without the pressure of taboos.

Sexuality dies in patterns and automation. So it is worth a try to introduce fun and populate it with own stories, even ones about bees and flowers.

In the act – Consonance – electronic device for achieving sexual harmony through heartbeat

Erotic caresses and sexual intercourse have an individual rhythm and pace of intensification for every person. Therefore, the inability to achieve physical harmony with one’s partner may result in many relationship problems – from performance pressure to the impression of incompatibility.

Consonance assists in learning the rhythm of the partner's body through listening to their heartbeat via a wireless stethoscope and a paired earbud. The heart rate rises with arousal, so matching the pace of caress to one's heartbeat is a straightforward path to their sexual satisfaction.

In addition, an authentic, purely physical reaction of the body to the full range of sexual stimuli becomes easily perceptible. Listening to the heart in sexual situations puts the erotic experience in a whole new intimate perspective – an exposure of body and emotions, impossible without trust.

After intercourse – Presence – set for creating jewelry from “bedroom memories"

The desire to preserve is a natural reaction to the ephemerality of sexuality. It leads many modern lovers to making sex-selfies or sex tapes. Presence is an alternative proposal of preservation, based on self-making of couple’s talismans.

Users receive basic, unfinished jewelry, waiting for their own intimate stories to be imprinted in clay. The results of using the project are gilded jewelry objects decorated with irregular gemstones made of body prints. Each individual print is associated with specific circumstances of its creation. It carries touch, gesture, texture – specific memories that cannot be described, but only felt. In everyday life and in public places, the imprint of the partner's body, acts like a hickey, bringing with its presence the pleasure of innocent impropriety.

To create prints one has to explore the partner's body in search of the right spot. All of the wrinkles, birthmarks or scars, so-called imperfections, can become the perfect decoration. This type of body experience cannot take place without trust and acceptance. Presence can arouse and nurture such tender sensitivity. It helps the users to embrace nudity and achieve serene physicality through play.

For sex-ed in pairs

Before sex – Invitation

In the act – Consonance

After intercourse – Presence