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(Archive) Touchables

A performative exhibition

This project was part of DDW 2022
Frits Achten Atelier x Carte Blanche — © Frits Achten

Touch! Don´t be shy. Our touchables are made for your eyes, fingers, hands and bodies. Still a bit reluctant? No problem. The Theater players of Carte Blanche want to show you what’s possible. They play with our objects, very physical and very direct. Art, design and theater join their forces.

Design and performances

Manou van den Berg, Sjoerd Geerts and Frits Achten designed and made objects that the theater players of Carte Blanche can use and play with during performances. Humor, exaggeration but mostly touching will be a center part of the performances. Every day there will be two performances. There will also be a video registration of the performance.

The three designers work from different angles and visions. Sjoerd’s work is conceptual yet thoughtfully constructed and visually clear. Frits makes very expressive work, in this case multiple chairs. Manou makes fashion with which she confronts the wearer with the clothing they wear. We chose diversity in disciplines so the players can experiment. This diversity will be visible in the layout of the exposition. Every designer creates a decor on a small island in the big theatre hall of Carte Blanche.


The collaboration with the theater players can be confrontational. They use design in all intended and unintended ways, and invite the public to do the same. For us, it can be a little hard to face. But we also gain a lot. We are forced to think in a new way about the use, context, and purpose of the design.

Manou van den Berg x Carte Blanche — © Frits Achten