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(Archive) Current Mood

This project was part of DDW 2022

Current Mood is an interactive design that uses real-time wave data from the seawater at Scheveningen. This project counters the increasing disconnection with nature, by removing us from our busy modern lives. It invites you to reconnect with the sea and use its mood to reveal your current emotion.

Reflecting on your mood in nature

Our body is deeply connected with water. Not only are we literally made up 60% of water, but we also feel a strong emotional connection to it. Just like the waves in the ocean, our mood can change swiftly and drastically.

Our minds are programmed to feel relaxed and calm when we look at large bodies of water, like oceans or lakes. Scientific research shows that big blue spaces stimulate us visually and can be significantly helpful for our mental stability. In this way, water helps us to find our peace of mind.

In current society, however, most people don’t or can’t take advantage of the mental health benefits of being close to water. Even in the cities which are closest to the sea, like Den Haag or Amsterdam, people find it increasingly difficult to find the time to visit. Paradoxically, because of our busy lives, we need relaxation now more than ever.

The relationship between humans and nature has drifted apart over the last decades. The further we strive from water, the harsher the waves will hit us in our minds.

Behind the scenes

Project Current Mood is connected to an online database with live high-resolution marine data from weather buoys located at Scheveningen. Real-time wave height is updated every hour and provides a tether between the seawater and the city’s inhabitants on land. It offers an alternative way to experience nature and invites us to tune out the daily noise. It wants its audience to reflect on their own current mood, by observing the mood of the sea.

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