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(Archive) Diversity and Inclusion: The Multiverse Toolkit

Together on a spaceship towards planet Inclusion!

This project was part of DDW 2022

The Multiverse Toolkit is an interactive tool to facilitate diversity and inclusion (D&I) conversations in teams. Once a safe and constructive space is created, participants co-create their own strategy and an action plan to become more inclusive.

The benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace

The benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace have been validated and are widely recognized in organisations across multiple industries.

Amongst these benefits we find:
- Higher revenue growth
- Greater readiness to innovate
- Increased ability to recruit from a diverse talent pool
- Higher employee retention

These benefits are within your reach with The Multiverse Toolkit

During DDW 2022, you can experience the Multiverse Toolkit yourself and start being an ambassor for an inclusive workplace and society.

Embark on a wonderous space journey together with other participants: learn how to connect with other crew member, capture signals with your satellites, define an ambitious mission and travel towards planet Inclusion!

About Multiverse Toolkit

In 2019, Chiara Treglia developed the first physical version of the Multiverse toolkit for the master graduation from Royal College of Art.

One year later, in times of corona, when people could not gather together. with the support of the Diversity Committee of Eindhoven University of Technology the designer could develop a digital version of the tool.

The toolkit that is now exhibited at DDW2022 is the result of numerous iterations, from physical to digital, to its final hybrid form. What started as a graduation project is now offerred as an official training program for teams at TU/e.