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(Archive) KILO

Configurable flat pack furniture made locally, worldwide.

This project was part of DDW 2022
kiloBel | stool / side table — © KILO 2022

KILO aims to reduce shipping by bringing the production process to the consumer; locally worldwide. All KILO pieces are produced in our concept stores and during the DDW we will produce a DDW special item in our temporary studio in section-C (Hall 4 H3). Be sure to come see us at work!

KILO uses a single material and one tool.

KILO combines the latest technology with timeless craftsmanship. Our online configurator is integrated with a parametric design tool and nesting software to give our customers the opportunity to configure their KILO piece to suit their individual needs. Using state of the art CNC-machinery enables us to produce each part to exact measurements while we sand and oil the parts by hand to obtain a premium finish.

KILO assembles without nails, screws or glue.

All furniture ships flatpack and requires assembly by its new owner. The very low tolerances of the individual parts and connections allowed KILO to design the pieces so there is no use for screws, nails or glue. A few easy steps enable you to create your KILO piece in minutes.

KILO is Dutch Design. Made locally, worldwide.

The entire collection is designed in Amsterdam and can be produced locally by any KILO concept store worldwide. This set-up allows us tailor to local needs, buy locally and reduce unnecessary shipping to support our commitment to sustainability.

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kiloNewton | dining table / desk — © KILO 2022

kiloLumen-tube | long pendant light — © KILO 2022

kiloAre | sketching board — © KILO 2022

kiloRad | rocking horse