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Dutch Design Wijk

Original, stubborn, creative, innovative and
a bit underground. "Get Set" in Woensel West -

Edisonstraat 39 5621HK Eindhoven

We have that one square (Redlight District & coffee Shops) which is already famous of course, so we're not going to talk about that
But there is so much more! Living, creating, renewing, doing business and shopping: liveliness takes on a new meaning here.
(bronvermelding : Woenselwestsidestores )

A project by the Eindhoven Dwaalhaas

"GET SET" The Dutch Design "wijk" is a mecca for lovers of Art, Design, vintage, culinary adventures, kids, beauty, wellness pampering, craft, edgy tattoos, music. It's all there. All those exciting WestSide Stores form a unique hotspot in Eindhoven. A place where you like to jump on your bike. Free parking everywhere. For which you get off at Strijp-S station, if you spend a day in Eindhoven. Or for which you cross the road from Strijp-S, which is increasingly developing together with Woensel-West into the creative heart of the city. invites everyone from the neighborhood to participate for free, or to visit the 1st edition of Dutch Design Wijk in the most beautiful area of ​​Eindhoven.

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A project of the Eindhoven / Dwaalhaas Art Foundation "Eindhoven the Crazy-est"-)

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About DAF - Dwaalhaas Art Foundation

The non-profit Foundation "DAF" (Dwaalhaas Art Foundation) was more than 30 years ago the 1st in the Netherlands that started with the American concept "LivingMuseum" his own house / studio, after he himself went through a period of homelessness and addictions (thanks to "de Kunst" ), his home quickly became a refuge/ shelter for anyone looking for a listening ear, or people who just want to be creative for a while, the house is now also a social thrift shop & Art gallery and mutch more...
Strijp T+R area, Dwaalhaas de wijk, Edisonstraat 39 , Map No. A21
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